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Cordini Rita
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Our Values

The Company


We engage to realize handmade bags with passion and love, bags that are not mass produced but followed personally, one by one, from the designers and excellent craftsmen. The result are exclusive handbags made of high quality fabrics and yarns.
Create high quality bags is our mission and Made in Italy is our way of life.
We want to create and maintain forever a supply chain 100% Italian.
We want to create a socially sustainable chain and respectful towards every person. We do not work with companies that exploit the human labor.
We want to create a sustainable industry for the environment. We do not use real fur and leather, we love animals.

We are a CRUELTY FREE brand, we guarantee that we do not  use in our bags raw materials of animal origin. Our products are created with fabrics and synthetic leather. Today, the existing technologies, allow the creation of synthetic materials with all the characteristics of genuine leather such as, for example, softness and strength but without contributing to the killing of animals.
Ricci Ilaria - P.Iva/Vat IT02575710187 - Volpara (PV) - Italy
Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci - Marchio Registrato
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