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Cordini Rita
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The Company

Chi lavora con le sue mani è un lavoratore.
Chi lavora con le sue mani e la sua testa è un artigiano.
Chi lavora con le sue mani e la sua testa ed il suo cuore è un artista.
San Francesco D’Assisi

Our bags are made with tailoring method, by hand. Our reality is divided into two parts: the tailoring, followed and carried out directly by the designers Ilaria and Rita who create with their hands the bags, and artisanal, which relies on the hands of  Italian craftsmen in the creation of eco-leather bags and faux fur. In both cases they are created with passion, with so many hours of work and finished by hand: haute couture details embellish some creations.


Bag Creation

The creative phase, here, takes a reverse path. We don't start from the accessory design but we start with the choice of materials that will compose the bag. Every fabric, every faux leather inspired the designers in different ways, they interpret the emotions that the fabrics generate in their fantasies and so they give life to the bag. After that the bag is transferred to paper with a sketch.

"Each fabric always has a bag waiting for him ..."


The implementation phase of the sample can be done by designers hands or by our artisans hands. Our artisans are situated here in Pavia and in Florence. The transition from the draft to the sample is difficult, and before arriving at the definitive realization of the bag takes a long time. The timing, not short, allow us to take care at every single creation.

Each bag is individually followed. The cutting of the material is made exclusively by hand without the aid of laser machines. After the initial phase of cutting and preparation of the various components, it begins the phase of assembly the bag that requires different times depending on the model type and the material used. Longer processing and difficult mainly concern lace or macramé.
The fabrics and faux leather have completely different machining processes and assembly. In the case of faux leather and bags created by our craftsmen the seams are realized with classical sewing machines and not industrial machines. In some cases there is a manual finishing: for example, in Antea bag the label and each flower  are applied with hand stitching. In purely sartorial models the yarn is worked by hand until the realization of the fabric. Any imperfections are typical of this particular process and ensure the uniqueness of the realization.

A product handcrafted in Italy, without exploitation of human labor, in compliance with the laws and with high quality materials will never be LOW COST!


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